Underbelt Conveyor Metal Detector

  • Underbelt metal detectors can be used for a wide variety of applications
  • Capable of detecting ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Models to suit belt widths ranging from 100 – 1200mm
  • Easy to install – simple to operate
  • Compact design – ideally suited for shallow burden applications
  • The most economical solution to tramp metal problems.


The Underbelt Metal detector is provided as an economical solution for the inspection of a wide range of products for hazardous or harmful ferrous and non-ferrous tramp metal.The equipment essentially comprises of a small control unit that houses the electronics and a flat search coil.The small and compact EPS search coil is available in standard sizes ranging from belt widths of 100-600mm and is ideally suited for the plastics industry or applications with limited available space.

The slightly larger EPB search coil again is available in a range of standard sizes but for belt widths ranging from 300-1200mm. These detectors are intended for larger bulk applications or where increased sensitivity is required. For higher sensitivities and under certain operational conditions it is possible to utilise the EPS or EPB search coils with the higher specification MDB8 control unit.This upgrade will give the detector an increased level of sensitivity and reduces “product effect”. The Underbelt detector is simple to install and operate. This particular unit provides a good solution to applications, which have lighter or shallower depths of conveyed products or where only the larger pieces of tramp metal require detection.