Rare Earth Roll

The Rare Earth Roll Separator (RE Roll) is one of the world’s highest-intensity, permanent magnetic separators used to purify dry minerals and waste materials.  The RE Roll removes ferro, para and weakly magnetic minerals from non-magnetic product material, commonly in the ceramics and glass industry.  In more recent times, the ultra-strong magnetic field is utilised to purify waste or recover valuable metals in many recycling applications.

A laboratory-sized RE Roll is one of several high-intensity magnetic separators located in the Centre of Excellence at Redditch UK.  The laboratory-sized model is used to conduct controlled tests to determine specific separation capabilities and operating parameters.  Such laboratory-sized RE Roll are supplied to mineral processing and recycling research institutes and universities around the world.


The Rare Earth Roll Magnetic Separator (RE Roll) is a two-pulley conveyor system with the head pulley constructed out of alternating rings of Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) Rare Earth Magnets and steel pole pieces.

The ultra-strong magnetic head roll of the RE Roll enables the separation of ferro, para and weakly magnetic minerals such as muscovite and mica.

The RE Roll can be an alternative to other high-intensity magnetic separators (such as the Induced Magnetic Roll Separator) if separation is successful as the magnetic field is produced with permanent magnets and not electromagnets.  This significantly reduces both operating and capital investments costs.

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In operation, a dry non-metallic mineral mix, sized between 75 micron and 15mm, is fed evenly and thinly via a Vibratory Feeder onto a short-centred and thin conveyor belt.  As the material moves into the separation zone of the magnetic head pulley, magnetically-susceptible minerals are attracted towards the high intensity steel poles.  Non-magnetic material continues to flow in a normal trajectory, whilst the trajectory of minerals affected by the high-strength magnetic field is altered.  With a carefully positioned splitter, the two fractions – magnetically susceptible minerals and non-magnetics – are separated from each other.  In some applications, it is possible to create a third ‘middlings’ fraction constituting weakly magnetic minerals (e.g. muscovite mica etc).

The trajectories of all fractions are controlled and adjusted by changing the speed of the conveyor belt via an inverter in the main control panel.


The Rare Earth Roll Magnetic Separator (RE Roll) is available in three diameters:

  • 100mm
  • 200mm
  • 300mm

The different diameters produce an improved separation performance, due to the longer dwell time in the magnetic field.

The maximum width of a Rare Earth Roll is 1000mm.


The Rare Earth Roll Magnetic Separator (RE Roll) was originally developed to purify dry non-metallic minerals.  However, the ultra-strong magnetic properties have more recently been utilised in recycling applications such as purifying plastic waste and in the recycling of batteries.

The optimum particle size for the RE Roll is between 75 micron and 15mm, although it is important to maintain a tight particle size distribution to maximise separation performance.  Specific applications include:

  • Mineral Processing
    • Feldspar
    • Silica Sand
    • High purity quartz
    • Garnet
    • Talc
    • Abrasive and refractory minerals including Corundum
    • Beach Sands (ilmenite, etc)
    • Fine iron ores
  • Ceramics
    • Removing free fine iron from Spray Dried Ceramics;
  • Recycling
    • Cullet (crushed glass)
    • Granulated steel slag
    • Granulated plastic waste
    • Auto Shredder residue dust
  • Plastics
    • Removing plastic beads containing fine iron spots



Bunting – Rare Earth Roll Separators Datasheet