QuickTRON 03 R

Metal separator for the inspection of granules and flakes in gravity fed free fall.


QuickTRON 03R

The quickTron series electronic metal separators automatically detect and reject metallic contaminant from free falling bulk materials.

  • Built for purpose
  • Compact dimensions and design, round ports allow for an easy and trouble free integration into the existing process. Quick and efficient installation
  • Designed for all applications and throughput.
    Apertures from: 30 - 200mm (1¼“ - 8.0“) available
  • Anti-static sensing tube - prevents static buildup in and near the sensing tube. False rejects due to static discharge are avoided
  • Product effect compensation - guarantees continuous sensitivity and trouble free operation even with ‘difficult’ products.
  • ‘Product effect’ cannot create false rejects
  • Self monitoring - in addition to the detection unit (coil and electronics) the operating pressure and reject function (option) are permanently monitored as well. Malfunctions are indicated!

Gravity free-fall style metal separators and metal detector are designed specifically to isolate and separate any contaminated material moving in the product flow. They do this as the metal detector automatically picks up all kinds of metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous from the product flow and it is all conducted without any interruption to the line process. This metal detector also works well as a CCP (Critical Control Point) as it picks up signs of metal in the free-falling product, so suitable for HACCP safety. The following products are suitable for industries such as plastics and recycling.