QTA Conveyor Belt Metal Detector

  • Detection of all tramp metals, ferrous, non-ferrous and manganese steels
  • Reliable protection for all crushing and processing plants
  • Heavy duty construction for quarry metal detector or mining applications
  • Requires no belt cutting during installation
  • Ease of operation, adjustable sensitivity/detection level
  • Available with a choice of electronic control units and optional extra


Conveyor Metal Detector

Belt conveyors are generally used to transport the materials to be inspected by this detector unit. The QTA search coil will dismantle at one end to facilitate an easy installation without any need to cut and re-vulcanise conveyor belts.

The search coil can be supplied from a range of standard sizes or made specifically to meet customer requirements with aperture heights to suit various processes. The search coils on the QTA can also be configured in arrangements to suit special or extra deep burden applications such as quarry metal detector.

The QTA is available with a choice of electronic control units. Either the basic MDB5 panel can be used, or the higher specification MDB8 panel. The higher specification MDB8 control unit has multiple product memory and automatic phase angle adjustment that can be utilised for difficult materials with “product effect”.

(Because of their electronic conductivity, some products have a “product effect”, which can affect the sensitivity of the detector unit. The MDB8 control unit however has a self-learning mode, whereby the electronics can automatically cancel out the “product effect” and optimise the detection sensitivity of the specified contaminant).

Both panel types are housed in IP65 wall fixing cabinets for sitting locally or remotely from the search coil.

Conveyor Belt Metal Detector Applications

There are many different optional facilities, which can be used to inform the consumer of contamination. Upon detection the detectors can have audible/visual alarms, belt interlocking, marking devices and automatic diversion systems.

The QTA provides the highest standard of protection to all quarrying, mining and processing plants, against all forms of tramp metal from digger teeth, hammers, liner plates down to small nuts and bolts. Typical materials inspected include granite, limestone, gypsum, cement rock, marine sand and gravel, basalt, sandstone, coal, mineral ores, etc.

The rugged and hard-wearing construction of the QTA ensures stability and successful operation under arduous and difficult site conditions. This quarry metal detector unit will provide protection to your plant and will reduce any loss of production and down time.