QDC Conveyor Belt Metal Detector

  • Reliable protection for all processing equipment and machinery
  • Easy installation into existing belt conveyors without the need for belt cutting
  • Simplicity of operation, adjustable sensitivity/detection level and product compensation facility
  • Available with a choice of electronic control units.


The electronic QDC  conveyor belt metal detector provides an automatic and continuous inspection of all materials which are non-metallic or non-conductive. This particular detector unit offers protection to all forms of processing plant against all tramp metal, from large pieces of channel iron or bolts, down to pieces of swarf and wire.

The QDC can be installed onto a belt conveyor, into chutes, pipelines, on elevators or similar types of material handling equipment. It dismantles for easy installation around endless belt conveyors and alternative search coil configurations are available for special installations.

The search coil is available with a range of aperture sizes to suit a specific application or process.

A choice of electronic control units are available with the QDC, the basic MDB5 or the higher specification MDB8 unit – both are housed in IP65 wall fixing cabinets for sitting locally or remotely from the search coil.

Upon detection of metal, the QDC conveyor belt metal detector can be used to operate various additional functions. These functions include audible/visual alarms, belt interlocking, marking devices and automatic rejection devices.

Typical materials that are often examined include plastics, rubber, glass, clay, fibres, wood, grain, chemicals, coal, cement, food products, powders and many others for machinery safeguard.

The QDC is the metal detector you simply cannot afford to be without.