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Pulley Magnets

Pulley magnet separators are an easy, reliable solution for the continuous extraction of ferrous metals from a product stream.


Magnetic pulleys and conveyor pulleys

The Bunting pulley separators and magnetic conveyor pulleys are an easy, reliable solution for the continuous extraction of ferrous metals from a product stream. Magnetic pulley separators are installed as a replacement head pulley at the discharge end of a conveyor. A non magnetic adjustable diverter plate is installed beneath the pulley to split the ferrous material away from the non-ferrous materials in  the product stream.

As non-metallic materials free-fall at their normal trajectory, the 360 degree magnet system ensures that the ferrous materials are discharged behind the centre line of the pulley (see below).

The Bunting magnetic head pulley magnets are custom built and are available in a wide range of diameters and face widths. The pulley sizes will be recommended based on customer’s installation or application.

The Bunting range of permanent pulley magnets and magnetic conveyor pulleys are manufactured using ferrite materials. Rare earth materials can be used when particular applications require removal of finer iron particles. The pulley magnet can also be supplied as an electro magnetic unit for an even better level of extraction. Bunting advise each and every customer on the most cost-effective type of unit to suit their particular application.

In addition to supplying pulleys, Bunting can also supply a complete separator system with conveyors for clients that do not already have a conveyor system on their site.


Typical applications for the Bunting range of magnetic pulleys are;

  • Installation on Mobile Crushers, Screens and Shredders
  • Installation within a MRF (Material Recovery Facility) plant
  • Separation of ferrous contamination in quarries
  • Removal of ferrous materials in mining operations
  • Used in wood waste processing applications
  • Separation of ferrous in municipal solid waste recovery
  • Removal of ferrous contamination in glass recycling
  • Separation of ferrous metals in kerbside collection recycling
  • Separation of ferrous metals in skip waste recycling
  • Removal of ferrous from foundry applications


Pulley Magnets

The Bunting range of magnetic pulleys are the most cost-effective solutions for removing ferrous metals from shallow product streams.

Bunting can manufacture a wide range of permanent and electro magnetic pulleys, depending on the strength required to ensure a high quality separation.

Permanent Magnetic Pulleys

For applications that require the separation of nails, screws and bolt-sized tramp ferrous, permanent pulley magnets are a simple and effective solution for providing a continuous extraction. They are also commonly used as a secondary magnetic solution, to ensure maximum levels of ferrous recovery.

The permanent range of conveyor head pulleys are available with either a Ferrite or Rare Earth magnet system. Each of the permanent magnetic blocks are individually mounted onto a high permeability steel back bar and fitted with a heavy-duty stainless-steel crowned face cover.

Electro Magnetic Pulleys

For more demanding applications that may require the separation of larger or heavier ferrous metals, electromagnetic pulleys can be supplied.

The electro range of pulley magnets are of extremely heavy-duty design. The internal electromagnetic systems are shaft mounted and revolve with the pulley to ensure the entire surface is magnetised whenever the pulley is energised.