Overband Magnets

Overband magnets are suspended over conveyors to separate tramp ferrous metal, they are available as permanent and electromagnetic designs. Recent investment in manufacturing techniques and magnet technology have enabled us to offer the most comprehensive range of overband magnets with the highest levels of performance.

Supplying all industries, volume OEM’s and one off installations, Bunting has the overband magnet to suit your application.

• Three distinct model types of permanent overband magnets
• Three deep field model types of electro overband magnets
• Compact and lightweight permanent and electro overband magnets
• Range of overband magnets available now from stock

We now hold the most popular models in stock, these are available for same day dispatch




Overband Magnets are designed to lift and automatically remove ferrous metal from conveyed non-magnetic material.  The basic design features a permanent or electromagnetic box mounted in a frame with two or four pulleys and a self-cleaning rubber belt.

Permanent Overband Magnet designs are commonly found on mobile plants such as crushers, screens and shredders, in quarries and in recycling operations.

Stronger Electro Overband Magnets are used on more difficult applications such as found in the Mining industry, in bulk handling terminals and also some recycling operations.

The Bunting designs have evolved over 40 years, with standard models accompanied by bespoke designs to suit specific applications.

Through their European sales offices and distributors, Bunting offers:

  • An extensive range of Permanent and Electro Overband Magnet design sizes to suit all applications
  • Welding to ISO3834 accredited standards
  • Accreditation to ISO9001 quality standards
  • Custom design service
  • Technical application engineers available to advise and assist
  • Qualified service engineers and technical support
  • Same day dispatch on a vast range of spare parts

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In operation, material is conveyed underneath an Overband Magnet which attracts, lifts and then removes tramp metal.  The size and magnet type (Permanent or Electro) is dictated by the conveyor width, depth of material on the conveyor and the nature of the tramp ferrous metal.

The Overband Magnets are mounted either across the conveyor belt (i.e. Crossbelt) or in line with the conveyor belt over the head pulley of the conveyor (i.e. Inline).

Inline vs crossbelt overband magnets

Permanent Overband Magnets

PCB overband magnet

PCB Permanent Overband

Heavy-duty range designed mainly for recycling and quarrying industries to remove ferrous tramp. For conveyors 300 to 2000mm wide at operating heights up to 400mm

  • High magnetic performance
  • The selection available from stock
  • Range of sizes and options to suit your application
P-max overband magnet

PCB-C Compact Permanent Overband

Aimed at the volume mobile equipment market. More compact and lightweight. For conveyors 600 to 1500mm wide at operating heights up to 300mm.

  • Latest Manufacturing technology to reduce weight and size
  • Increased magnetic force to weight ratio
Easibelt Overband magnet

QBC Quick Belt Change

Fast belt change overband magnet for reduced downtime. For conveyors 600 to 1500mm wide at operating heights up to 300mm.

  • Top and bottom belt guides and guards
  • Range of sizes and options to suit your application

Electro-Overband Magnets

Elecrtromax overband magnet

ElectroMax Compact Air Cooled

High performance, lightweight, air-cooled electromagnetic overband. For conveyors 1000 to 1800mm wide at operating heights up to 600mm.

  • Highest magnetic power to weight ratio of any overband magnet
  • No oil present
  • Low profile, compact design
  • Designed using the latest finite element analysis software
OCW overband magnet

OCW Heavy Duty Oil Cooled

Heavy-duty oil-cooled electromagnetic overband range is available in over 300 sizes. For conveyors 500 to 3000mm wide at operating heights up to 1000mm.

  • Manganese baseplate for high wear and impact resistance
  • Unique long life powerful magnetic coil design
  • ATEX rated models available
Air cooled electro overband

ACW Heavy Duty Air Cooled

Heavy duty air cooled electromagnetic overband range available in over 300 sizes. For conveyors 500 to 3000mm wide at operating heights up to 1000mm.

  • No oil present
  • Permanent extension magnets can be attached to extend the discharge zone away

Model Guide and Options

All our overbands have a vast range of options to suit your application and requirements.

Please call our experienced applications engineers to help specify the correct magnet and options for your individual application.

Permanent magnet
Maximum operating gap40030030060010001000
Maximum customer belt width200015001500180030003000
Air/Oil cooled electro systemAirOilAir
Optional Features
DriveElectric / HydraulicElectric / HydraulicElectric / HydraulicElectricElectricElectric
Heat resistant, antistatic belt
Armoured belt
Stainless steel frame
Custom design mounting brackets
Cantilever frame design
Full sheet guarding
Belt tracking limit switches
Rotation Sensor
Permanent magnetic extension
Single pole magnetic system
Twin pole magnetic system
Tri-polar magnetic system
Special paint coatings


Overband Magnets are found in most handling plants featuring conveyors.  The correctly sized and positioned Overband Magnet will remove ferrous metal to prevent damage to other processing plant such as crushers, screens, shredders, conveyors, etc.  Typical installations include:

  • Mobile crushers, screens and shredders
  • MRF (Material Recovery Facility) and pre-sorted refuse plants
  • Municipal solid waste plants
  • Quarries
  • Mining Operations
  • Bulk handling terminals
  • Wood waste processing plants
  • Fragmentiser plants for shredded vehicles
  • Cullet (crushed glass) recycling plants
  • Industrial skip waste recycling operations
  • Foundries

Site Evaluation Service

Bunting offer a site evaluation service to give us more understanding of complex or specialised applications, this enables us to evaluate a client’s application so that we can recommend the most effective form of magnetic separation. Please contact us on 01527 65858 to talk to one of our application engineers.