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Magnetic Sweepers

Permanent and Electro magnetic sweepers for the collection of iron particles from metal contaminated areas.

Bunting manufactures a wide range of magnetic sweepers, from handheld permanent broom sweepers, to heavy-duty electromagnetic sweepers designed for airport runways, roads, shipping ports and large car parks.


Bunting manufacture a wide range of permanent and electro magnetic sweepers for the collection of iron particles from metal contaminated areas.

The Sweepers are easy to use and the range includes both hand operated and forklift mounted units. The new range includes sizes from 300mm wide up to 2,100mm to suit specific customer applications.


Magnetic sweepers are used to remove ferrous contamination such as nails, swarf, nuts, bolts and other ferrous objects to reduce damage to vehicles saving companies time and money.

Typical applications include:

  • Paths
  • Workshops
  • Factory Floors
  • Car Parks
  • Runways
  • Motorway Hard Shoulders
  • Loading Bays


Bunting manufacture various types of magnetic sweeper;

Handheld Broom Sweeper

This type of sweeper is hand operated and has an easy cleaning lever integrated into the handle, which lifts the magnet away from the operating surface for releasing the ferrous material. The sweeper is manufactured from aluminium, giving a durable, yet light-weight construction, allowing it to be easily lifted over a bin for depositing the ferrous.

The Handheld Broom Sweeper is available in widths up to 600mm wide.

Forklift Mounted Sweeper

Designed to be easily mounted onto universal forklift trucks, the forklift sweeper is fitted directly onto the forks and is available with a non-magnetic stainless steel plate (as shown in the image to the right) to allow for the easy removal of extracted magnetic materials.

The fork mounted sweepers are available in a range of widths starting from 650mm wide, up to 2150mm wide. The recommended sweeping height for these units is 75mm.

Forklift Tow Behind Sweeper

Mounted at the rear of a fork lift truck, the tow behind sweeper easily attaches to a tow bar or eye and is fitted with heavy-duty rubber wheels. A simple magnet lifting system enables the ferrous to be deposited after collection.

All of the above models are permanent units that do not require a power source and will last indefinitely, if not abused.

Forklift Tow Behind Electro-Sweeper

Should customers require a more powerful magnetic sweeper, capable of lifting larger pieces of ferrous material, Bunting can supply electromagnetic sweepers that enable a greater ground clearance and therefore can be used to traverse rougher terrain. Electromagnetic units can be manufactured with an operating width of up to 2,400mm and local controls that are mounted within the forklift cab are also supplied to allow the magnet to be switched off for releasing any collected ferrous materials.