Magnetic Liquid Filter

  • Remove ferrous contamination from liquid processing and conveying lines
  • High-energy and high-temperature Neodymium magnets
  • Ideal for liquid chocolate
  • Easy clean
  • Available for all standard pipe sizes


  • Remove ferrous contamination from liquid processing and conveying lines
  • High-energy and high-temperature Neodymium magnets
  • Easy clean
  • Available for all standard pipe sizes

Liquid Traps in food processing facilities

Manufactured to the highest standards, from Stainless Steel and available in Food and Sanitary Grade finishes, the liquid traps are manufactured using the latest grades of Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets to offer exceptional ferrous metal removal from liquid processing and conveying lines.
liquid traps in food
Our industry leading design allows the magnets to work at high temperatures without affecting magnetic and therefore metal removal performance. With a range of standard designs and the option of a heated water jacket, ideally suited to the chocolate industry, we have the ideal solution. The magnetic performance of our Magnetic Liquid Traps is so high they can also remove work hardened stainless steel fragments.

Liquid Pipeline Separators

Liquid Pipeline Separator used for the extraction of fine iron from wet or viscous products that are conveyed by a pipeline.
metal separation

The Liquid Pipeline Separator is used for the extraction of fine iron from wet or viscous products that are conveyed by a pipeline. The unit incorporates a series of ferrite or high-intensity rare earth tubes, which attract and secure unwanted iron present in the product stream.

The pipeline separator has a quick release mechanism, enabling a quick and easy cleaning process to reduce downtime. The liquid pipeline separator is manufactured from stainless steel and comes complete with flanges or threaded ends. It is also available with a water jacket, for confectionery applications.

Cartridge Style

Plate Style

Plate Style Liquid Filters

Plae style liquid filters
Bunting Magnetics Plate style Magnetic Liquid Filters are available as either a Single Plate Magnet or Dual Plate Design. Using Bunting Magnetics unique magnetic plate design they are especially effective at removing ferrous particles from viscous and fibrous liquids and liquids containing larger suspended solids. These magnetic filters are designed to direct contaminants into the deep magnetic field from the magnetic plate where any ferrous or even work hardened stainless steel is captured, held and protected from the wiping action of the liquid flow. The incorporated deflector creates a gradual change in the direction of flow causing agitation of the product and exposes contaminants that would otherwise be blocked by suspended solids.

  • 400 Stainless steel tapered live step is standard. 316 Stainless steel is available
  • Finishes available are: food, sanitary and 3-A
  • Standard high temperature and high intensity rare earth magnets
  • Standard 1" – 4" inlet with 1/2" sizes available, and special sizes upon request
  • Especially designed for the food industry
Model No.ABCEFMax. Press.Net.Wt.Net Wt.
MLT-SP-23cm, 4cm, 5cm24131720250psi8Kg
MLT-SP-36cm, 8cm30202125200 psi18Kg

Flow Rates

Flow in Litres Per Minute for Various Products*

Model No.Thin Liquids 0 - 500CPLight Creams 500 - 5,000CPHeavy Pastes 5,000 - 50,000CPSemiSolid Fluids 50,000CP +


Expected Magnetic Performance Characteristics for Elevated Temperatures

StyleMag Load21°C38°C66°C93°C121°C149°C
C, CSCNHI100%97%85%
C, CSCNHIT100%99%96%93%89%78%
SP, DPN35UH100%98%95%92%86%75%

Gasket Options


Temperature range-40 to 107°C-48 to 135°C-29 to 204°C
Acid resistanceGoodExcellentGood
Alkali resistanceFair-goodGood-excellentPoor-good
Petroleum oil resistanceExcellentPoorExcellent
Vegetable oil resistanceGoodgoodexcellent



  • Food
  • Power & Bulk
  • Liquids


Additional Info

Liquid Traps

This particular cartridge-style magnetic liquid trap contains the strong permanent magnetic cartridges from Bunting. In environments or production lines that feature non-fibrous fluids, where no solids bigger than 13mm are present, this design is perfect. Liquid chocolate is one such example.

This liquid trap is versatile in the sense that its installation can be effective in any position or orientation in a pipeline. The magnetic trap itself is T-shaped and it pushes the liquid in question through a tight grid of magnetic cartridges. As the strong magnetic field is created in the gaps that are between the cartridges, the magnetic particles are attracted to them (the gaps) and remain there until the cleaning process removes them. Not only can installation be achieved in any position in the pipeline but the process is also very straightforward, fitting into existing pipelines easily. There are a number of different fittings available which will help to deliver ongoing and reliable protection against metal contamination. Depending on your application, the traps can be supplied in a range of sizes and designs to suit both high temperature and sanitary environments.

The cleaning process is also straightforward: The magnetic cartridges are held in place by a lid – lift this up and away from the trap housing and then wipe away all of the ferrous metal which has been collected.

Cartridge-Style Magnetic Liquid Traps are the ideal solution for those looking to deliver product purity which involves protection from metal contamination. If you have any questions about which magnetic liquid trap is the best suited to your application and environment, please contact the team at Bunting Magnetics, who will be happy to give you guidance and advice.