Cleaning Systems

Multiple combinations of magnetic and electronic separators can be used to meet your specific requirements. Cleaning Systems are designed for maximum protection against ferrous and nonferrous debris by combining magnetic and electronic separators. They are the perfect solution for purifying regrind and recycled goods in a plastics plant.


Cleaning systems combine magnetic and electronic separators to remove both ferrous and nonferrous contaminants efficiently from free-flowing polymer granulates, regrind, and recycled plastics. They are an excellent choice wherever the volume and variety of metal debris might overload a single separator. The sturdy steel framework provides easy component access and includes a receiving hopper.

Key Features:
• Adjustable sensitivity and rejection cycling features conserve good material
• Automatic Product-Effect Compensation increases reject accuracy
• Open frame construction offers easy access to all components
• Electronics are sealed against dust

We understand how difficult it is to find the best solution for your application so we are happy to arrange for one of our engineers to visit your site or you are more than welcome to send us a sample of your material so we can run tests in our fully equipped UK laboratory. Contact us on 01527 65858 to talk to one of our specialists.