Bullet Magnets

Bullet Magnets are the industry standard for many vertical gravity-fed installations for removing ferrous metal contaminations from grains, seeds, flour and other bulk dry materials.  The Bullet Magnet is easily installed in vertical, or near vertical, pipelines and gravity-fed chutes.  Material entering the Bullet Magnet flows over a centrally located Magnetic Cone, which attracts and holds ferrous metal contamination.


The Bullet Magnet is one of the most common magnetic separators found in installations handling free-flowing dry bulk materials such as grain, flour and seeds.

Flanges on the top and bottom of the Bullet Magnet enable easily installation into existing process lines with vertical or near vertical pipelines and chutes.  Bullet Magnets consist of a circular/conical magnet core, constructed from powerful Rare Earth Magnets.  Guide strips within the housing ensure that material is directed onto the surface of the central magnets for maximum ferrous metal separation.

The design of the Bullet Magnet enables very quick and easy cleaning, minimising production downtime.  The cone magnet cleaning process simply involves releasing the outer quick action catches and opening the trunking door.  The cone magnet is attached to the door and swings out of the Bullet Magnet body, allowing easy access for cleaning and removal of all entrapped ferrous metal.

Bullet Magnets are designed to easily connect into pipelines with diameters between 100 and 550mm.  Depending on the nature and size of the tramp ferrous metal, the central cone magnet is either constructed from Ceramic Ferrite or Neodymium Rare Earth.  Ceramic Ferrite Magnets produce a deep magnetic field in contrast to the exceptionally strong but shallower field generated by Neodymium Rare Earth.  The nature of the ferrous metal contamination determines the type of magnet.

A separate product page provides details of the Inline Magnet, which features a Plate Magnet instead of a cone as is ideally suitable for non-obstructive installations and slurries

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In operation, dry granular materials or powders are fed, under gravity, into the top of the Bullet Magnet.  The material strikes the centrally-mounted cone magnet, around which it then flows.  Any ferrous metal contamination is attracted to one of the cone magnet’s poles and held securely.  During scheduled maintenance, on a frequency determined by the level of ferrous metal contamination, the Bullet Magnet is opened and the captured ferrous metal is cleaned off the surface of the Cone Magnet.


Bullet Magnets are available with either Ceramic Ferrite or Rare Earth Magnets:

  • Ceramic Ferrite: Ideal for the removal of larger tramp ferrous metal such as nuts, blots, screws, rust, etc.;
  • Rare Earth: A higher intensity magnet suitable for capturing fine iron as well as larger tramp ferrous metal;


Bullet Magnets are extremely versatile and are used in a wide range of applications including:

  • Food processing plants,
    • Grain;
    • Cereals;
    • Seeds;
    • Flour;
  • Plastic manufacturing operations;
  • Recycling;
  • Ceramics
    • Raw materials;
  • General powder and bulk handling;