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Mining and Mineral Processing

Most mines and mineral processing operations have one or more Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors.

Technical articles

Magnetic separation equipment

For the purification of dry fine or course material containing ferromagnetic and paramagnetic particles...

Rare Earth Roll

Induced Roll Separator for Mineral Purification

The Induced Roll magnetic separator is used for the continuous extraction of small magnetic particles from certain minerals to produce mineral purification for a wide range of mineral and ceramic processing industries...

Induced Roll Separators

Disc Separators

Disc Separators are widely used to ensure an accurate separation of materials that have varied magnetic susceptabilities...

Magnetic Disc Separators


The High intensity electromagnetic filter is designed for the continuous removal of magnetic particles from liquid based applications, the separator is also capable of separating a high percentage of para magnetic particles...

Electro Magnetic Filters

Elecrtromax overband magnet

The Bunting overband separators are renowned around the world as the most effective units for the continuous removal of tramp ferrous material from a product stream.

Overband Magnets

Magnetic separation - drum magnet

Bunting Drum Separators are used in applications where there is a high throughput of material to be processed...

Drum Magnets

Pulley magnets

Pulley magnet separators are an easy, reliable solution for the continuous extraction of ferrous metals from a product stream.

Pulley Magnets

Metal detectors for separation

Bunting has a varied range of metal detectors to suit many different applications...

Metal Detectors

Electrostatic Separator stock image

Electrostatic separators provide the only existing mechanical separation method for a number of applications

Electrostatic Separators