Master Magnets manufactured five (5) high intensity Magnetic Separators for SODEX Mines in Nigeria.  The mineral processing company specialises in the production of Columbite concentrates that are used in the manufacture of superconductive alloys.

3-stage Magnetic Disc Separator

3-stage Magnetic Disc Separator being tested prior to despatch

Prior to contacting Master Magnets, SODEX Mines were using old and outdated magnetic separators.  Subsequently, they were experiencing difficulties in upgrading their final product to meet the demands of their customers.  With an increasing worldwide demand for their Columbite, the company instigated a global search for the best mineral processing technology to improve quality and productivity.

Initial discussions  led to extensive testwork being undertaken on the SODEX material in the Master Magnets laboratory.  Tests were conducted on different fractions of ‘Run of Mine’ material which had been screened to three fraction sizes:

  • 0.4mm – 0.9mm;
  • 1.0mm – 1.4mm;
  • 1.5mm – 1.9mm;

The tests were conducted on the laboratory High Intensity Magnetic Disc Separator and the laboratory High Intensity Induced Roll Magnetic Separator, both of which are designed to process dry granular materials.

final tests Induced Roll Magnetic Separator

Induced Roll Magnetic Separator undertaking final tests prior to despatch

Each of the three fractions was tested using different levels of magnetic field.  The output of each test produced three fractions consisting of magnetic, non magnetic and middling fractions.  All the separated fractions were returned to SODEX for chemical analysis.  The analysis proved that the separation performance met their process requirements and SODEX ordered the production-sized Magnetic Separators.

The Ordered Magnetic Separators

SODEX ordered:

  • Two ‘Mastermag’ 3 High Intensity Magnetic Disc Separators (each with 3 magnet disc zones);
  • Two ‘Mastermag’ 2 High Intensity Induced Roll Magnetic Separators (each with 2 magnetic rolls);

All the Magnetic Separators were fitted with vibrating feeders to provide an even steady flow of material into the separation zones.

The Magnetic Separators were installed in the SODEX mineral processing operation in Nigeria.  Separation, in terms of quality and capacity, is as achieved in the laboratory tests.

Further information on the High Intensity Magnetic Separators purchased by SODEX, including a video explanation by leading magnetic separation expert Neil Rowson,  can be found in our technical blogs:

Mineral Processing Laboratory

In the Master Magnets test facility, tests are conducted on mineral materials from deposits all over the world.  From the tests it is possible to confirm what separation is possible on what equipment.  This then forms the basis of a separation guarantee for any equipment order.  The Master Magnets laboratory houses one of the most extensive ranges of high intensity magnetic separation equipment in the world.

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