About Us

The Bunting-Redditch manufacturing facility in the UK (previously known as Master Magnets) is part of Bunting.  The company specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors.  Originally established in 1978, the Redditch facility has developed a global reputation as a leading supplier to industries including Mining, Mineral Processing, Recycling, and Ceramics. Bunting acquired Master Magnets in January 2017.

Magnetic Separators are used to separate ferrous and paramagnetic materials from non-magnetic products. Bunting's wide range of magnetic separation equipment is successfully performing in various applications of different industries, targeting the recovery and removal of magnetic materials. To close the loop, Bunting also offers cost efficient solutions to detect, recover and separate nonmagnetic metals.

Bunting's range of Metal Detectors originate from the well-known and long-standing 'Metal Detection' brand which is part of Bunting.  Metal Detectors identify metal and are used widely in the quarrying, mining, food, recycling, and plastics industries.

To provide the best possible customer service, the Bunting-Redditch team based in the UK is supported by agents and representatives located across the globe.  Bunting provides a complete service that includes site evaluations, sample testing, equipment recommendations, custom designing, commissioning and after sales services.

Bob Bunting visiting the Redditch facility
Recycling Test Facility

The Bunting Redditch Facility

Bunting’s Redditch manufacturing facility is equipped with heavy duty overhead cranes, specialist welding bays, a large paint shop, magnetic system assembly bay and a repair shop.  With decades of experience, the manufacturing team fabricates and builds a wide range of equipment.  This includes complex large Metal Separation Systems and 10-tonne Electro Overband Magnets.  Manufacturing is supported by a knowledgeable engineering and sales team, also based on site at Redditch.

In 2019, Bunting invested in a state-of-the-art Recycling Test Facility to compliment the Minerals Test Laboratory.  Customers are welcome to send samples of materials to us so that we can document the achievable separation capabilities.

Case Histories:

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