UK Compost Producer Purchases 5th Mastermag Overband

Master Magnets recently visited one of its customers to advise them on their latest magnet installation project.


Master Magnets Overband

White Moss Horticulture is one of the UKs leading manufacturers of quality compost and growing media. Their products, which are made completely from recycled green materials, are supplied to some of the largest high street and supermarket chains.


The recycled wood that is used can often contain nails, screws and other ferrous contaminants that need to be removed.


Firstly, the wood is shredded and then screened using a Trommel Screen, in order to separate the fines material from the oversize, which can then be reprocessed. As the fines material is conveyed away from the Trommel, an Overband Magnet is used to remove the ferrous particles into a skip.


At the time of the visit, White Moss had four existing Mastermag Overbands on their site and were looking to install their fifth.


Master Magnets Overband

White Moss Horticultures Site Manager Andy writes:

Being able to remove all of the ferrous contamination from our compost is vital to our business. We supply compost to the retail sector and we must ensure that our products are free from contamination and safe for customer use. We had no hesitation in choosing Master Magnets for our latest installation as we have bought various sizes of magnets from them in the past for use on our production lines and Trommel screens and have never had any issues. Their guidance, service and expertise in this area are second to none and we have no hesitation in recommending them to others in our industry.